Saturday, April 21, 2012

When I was there

For the first time setting foot in a foreign land...the USA. What a wonderful country with beautiful people. Not as what I the one I used to watch on tv or movie. They were very polite/well mannered and ever ready to lend their hands.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How I wish I could turn back the clock

I knew her as a smart, pretty and a bit rebellious girl.  That was when we were in primary school.Her sister, my classmate was rather cooler....but the prettiness was there.  I believed it ran in the family...The grandmother, mum.......sisters & brother were all good looking and were envied and admired by most of our colleagues.

But our happy hours ran fast as they moved to Labuan.  I still remember days before the family really moved, we had a camping.........we were very active in girl guides, in-front of her house.  We really did slept in the tent, had our bath (inside) and made our way back to the tent and dressed up.  Even her grandmother took the effort cooked nasi lemak and we had our breakfast in the garden. If I am not mistaken, she was not allowed to sleep in the tent because it was a full house.  She & the little brother were allowed to join the camp in the morning....we had a great time

I even had the honour to inherit the siblings joy, when my mum decided to buy all their bicycles (because the bicycles were put on sales by the mother).  So though we were parted away, I was able to keep our memories.

When I went to SBPS in 1987 (form 4), I was so excited, because I had the chance to meet my beloved friends, including her....we had great times.  She even told me that she loved to be a gynecologist.

 I finished school. Not even a news from the sisters.........until yesterday when I read the shocking news.
Deep inside me, I felt like hugging her....but I knew that only Fatiha can be offered.

My dearest darling may you rest in peace.

Monday, October 4, 2010


BUFFET...there are people who thought buffet is where and when they can TAKE how much they like. BIG appetite haaa!  No, they are merely being undecisive, self-employed taster, and .....can we say "Greedy"?

Personally, I believe that there is no harm in exploring foods.  But wasting foods is very much against my principle....yours too right! 

Putting mountains of foods in a plate and go another rounds for more foods....than sit and start eating.  After few munchings, niblings, grindings........eeeerrrkk (excuse me). DONE. Not even half of the foods gone from the plate.

What should we do to such eater?

I still remember, when I was a little girl, my mom and my granny used to remind me not to waste foods....for it will cry and I'll be sent to hell. Thanks mom.  Thanks granny.

Should we tell the same to such eater??

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beloved Students

I left school on Julai to become an English Officer in PPD Kulai.  Teaching English in the same school for 8 years.  Memories: happy, challenging, confusing, you name it....only a teacher knows the feelings.  Leaving school and to start anew was hard. But leaving my students was harder. 
I gave 360 degrees of thought. Was I being fair to them?  Would they be able to continue with their studies? Would my replacement able to continue & teach them the way I wanted themto be taught? At one point I told myself that life must go on. Be prepared & brave to face the future.
For a month I refrained myself from getting any news from my students.  Only yesterday I braved myself to visit my school...well actually I wanted to meet with my students.
The moment I entered the main gate, I was nicely greeted by Mr Samy, the green fingers and  loyal school guard.  As I drove my car to the school compound, I heard, 'teacher.....teacher..."  I had to stop my car more than 5 times to entertain my students.
At the school canteen, my hand was held by my girls..they were happy to see me. But in their happiness, I heard worries from them....I smiled and tried to suggest few ways and remedies to them.  All in all what they wanted from me is extra bring them safely and ready to face SPM
BEDAH, ECAH, AJAK, CARRY, GANES, NATHAN, YI LI, .....all of've shown and proven to me that I did good when I was in worries are gone....Insyaallah I'll help you guys in whatever means and ways that I could....
       A tecaher's deed can only be said & proven only through the words & actions of his/her students.. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Recently the government announced that playing or involving in 'Kutu' is illegal...I believe that most of us realised this matter long ago. But since it is done in a small scale and among friends and family, we just gave a green light to it.
Legally, it is undeniable that 'Kutu' is illegal but come to think about it again, our mothers and aunties regard 'Kutu' as a mean of  savings without any doubtful interests or the hassles to go, register and sometimes a long wait in a bank.